Command Palete screen shot A webapp to make your URLs catchy and easy.

The app helps you simplify your urls by letting you decide what they are so you can use relatable urls instead of some gibberish.

Command Palete screen shot

Command Palette: feature that made using Inkscape super fast

Typing to do things is way faster than using a mouse, command palette is a feature that provides you just that -- A very smart box to type commands into -- and execute them before you could've even touched your mouse.

Dart board screen shots

Dart Board: A file server written in dart

A server that you can point to a folder and it will list it's contents for you, then click on a file to download it over HTTP. A project written in 3 days to learn about HTTP on lower level with pretty low level framework 'Shelf' using dart.

Command Palete screen shot

QRCoder: A simple app to generate QR codes

Just enter the text, email, hyperlink etc. select error correction level, choose the color and boom you have a QR.